What are the terms and conditions when taking up loan?

What are the terms and conditions when taking up loan?

There are so many types of loans that you can submit by visiting our website, but the most popular by people is Legal Personal Loan. Why is that? Because you do not need a guarantee or collateral to apply for this type of credit. Immediately visit our website, fill out the form with required data, wait until we contact you to continue the process of borrowing your money.

You want a loan but are not aware of the terms of borrowing the money? Check out some info about the terms of the loan is here. Although various places have different requirements for prospective borrowers. But most of the same, because usually, a variety of money lenders have standardised the terms of borrowing funds. Here is the process you do when applying for a personal loan.

– Complete your Identity
First, you are required to fill in all the data needed to process the borrowing of your proposed funds. You can fill it out online by visiting our website, or you can fill in directly by coming to our office.

– Waiting for confirmation
After you fill all the required data, you will be contacted by our staff and any approval will be done in our office. The approval process is about 30 minutes.

– Check again
After getting the approval of the loan you submitted, make sure the loan amount listed on the contract is in accordance with the funds you submitted. Also check the name, instalment payment date and other details.

– Installment Payments
Make instalment payments in accordance with the specified time and have been agreed by both parties. Remember, as much as possible do not be late in paying your loan repayments, to avoid the fines that apply.

Terms and conditions to be followed by prospective borrowers are as follows:

– Prospective debtor aged 21 years or older when applying for a loan,

– A resident of Singapore or living in Singapore

– Indicates ID Card or other ID to confirm data

– Have a salary enough to pay instalments,

– Having a fixed income, for some areas, this minimum income is usually applied in varying amounts,

– Has a steady job

– Foreigners must have Valid Work Permit or Valid Passport

– Self Employed shall provide evidence of ACRA and Income Tax Assessment

– Complete all the requirements of the valuation of the money lender.

If you are looking for the best, trustworthy, reliable and fast money lender, you can visit our website now and apply for your loan.

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