The lowest interest rates you can get from a licensed money lender singapore

The lowest interest rates you can get from a licensed money lender singapore

How much is the lowest interest rate from a Licensed Money Lender Singapore? For you who ask this question, here is the answer: The interest rate that we offer right now will be 4% per month. Also, we won’t ask you to pay:

– More than $ 60.00 for late repayment
– More than 10% of the principal loan while approval
– Any legal cost ordered by court that is used to reclaims any loan

With all these advantages, of course, you will not miss the opportunity to apply for a loan through Credit Excel Capital. Immediately visit our website, fill out the form that we provide on our website page, then all you have to do is wait for us to contact you back. After that, all the process and filing of official documents will be done in our office. For approval, it takes only 30 minutes.

We also accept loan request even if you have bad credit. What is bad credit? Bad credit is a former mistake with your credit contracts and the disability to get accepted for new credit. It indicates that you have not paid them at all. Having lots of bad data, late instalments or loan error, on your credit record means you have bad credit. You shall have accounts sent to a collection agency, filed bankruptcy, charged high balances, or had a vehicle is taken over. Bad credit typically happens when you have various cases of these things in a short period.

The requirement to apply for a loan through us is not too difficult, you just need to:

– 21 years of age or older
– Singapore Residents or Staying in Singapore
– Not in a state of bankruptcy or have been declared bankrupt
– For foreigners must have Valid Work Permit or Valid PAsport
– For self-employed must submit ACRA or Vocational License

For other terms and conditions, you can visit our website and find the questions you want to ask in FAQs or contact us at the number listed on our website.

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